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      Xiechong precision hardware (Dongguan) Co., Ltd
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      Company profile
               Success Industrial ( Shenzhen) CO., LIMITED was founded in Sept. 2007. Success Precision Metal ( Dongguan) CO., LIMITED was established in Mar. 2018,located at No. 247 Jinsha East Road, Shajiao Industrial Area, Shipai Town, Dongguan. In Dec. 2018, ISO9001 certification was passed; In Apr.2019, ISO14001 certification was passed; IATF16949 certification was passed in Apr. 2020. It covers an area of about 16000 square meters, and has 200 employees at present. It also has an excellent team specialized in mold making, hardware stamping, sheet- metalworking, radiator processing and parts assembly, staffed with many years' experience in this industry. It has always been cooperating with many well-known enterprises from Japan, Europe and United States, and it can provide quality products in industries such as home appliance, OA equipment, auto parts, communication equipment, and medical equipment. 
               We adhere to the business concept of "Customer Supreme, Keeping Improvement”,and we have established core competitiveness in the same industry through technical innovation and excellent business management. We continuously make progress and perfect ourselves in . all aspects of serving customers, which guarantees our excellent quality and reputation. We always believe that making customer moved is our goal to achieve forever !
               We are looking forward to your cooperation, serving you, and becoming your truly reliable partners! 

      Contact Us

      0769-38822366 Only China 9:00-20:00 E-mail:scdsz023@success-hk.com.cn
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